Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tasty Planet review

Tasty Planet distributed by Big Fish Games is about a creature born in a laboritory experiment gone wrong which can devour everything unless it is smaller than it. This game reminds me of Katamari but in 2d.

So you control this little guy with the mouse and try not to touch anything bigger than you. As you eat more stuff you get bigger. To pass a level you have to grow to some size although there are other levels where you have to find objects (like puzzle pieces) and go through a maze, eating up stuff as you go a long, so you end up eating the maze itself. Cool.

The controls are very easy, just move the mouse, and the creature will start moving in the direction you want to. There is an element of acceleration and deceleration, so when you stop moving the mouse, it won't stop abrubtly. To stop it immediately you have to move the mouse in the opposite direction. It feels quite natural after a few moments playing the game.

On the heads-up-display(HUD) it shows you the current size of the creature you're controlling, what you just ate and also the closest biggest thing you can eat.

The game is quite easy at first but gets more difficult since you also have to race against time. Also some levels, like in the ocean, if you touch something bigger than you, you die instantly and have to restart the level. Some tips: stay away from the edges, and stay away from objects bigger than you... ughh I'm starting to hate dolphins :)

Tasty Planet is accompanied by a comic strip to guide you from one set of stages to the next. You start from the lab, then you're flushed out, you find yourself on a picnic table, in the ocean, etc. The doc and his assistant in the comic strip give a nice break until you rest your arm from all the mouse hovering you have done in the previous stages.

The graphics are not extraordinary however the gameplay is great and that is what is important ;). When you reach the final moments of a level where you can eat everyting in your way, it gives you a feeling of power *grin*. Some idea of combos would have made the game more fun to play, like for example eating a number of objects in a very short time, or eating a number of objects of the same type. Maybe they will make Tasty Planet 2 someday :D. Meanwhile try this one out.

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Strawberry said...

Nice review :D Also, there is a sequel to Tasty Planet already, called: Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds, it involves the goo going back in time... Check it on DingoGames!