Saturday, March 17, 2007

Atlantis Sky Patrol Review

It's been a while since my last post. I was (and still am) busy developing my projects.

I encountered Atlantis - Sky Patrol, a very cool game which reminded me of Zuma but much better. I tought I would share why I liked this game.

In Atlantis - SP, you have to stop a trail of colored spheres from reaching the end of the half-pipe. You control horizontally with the mouse a sort of space ship and when you click, the current sphere in your ship is fired. If the sphere you fired makes contact with trail, and forms a group of 3 spheres with same color, these 3 spheres are destroyed. Sounds a bit complex but it's more difficult to explain rather than playing it :)

So far this is similar to Zuma, however it has some other interesting gameplay elements. The main one being that to stop the continous spewing of spheres, you have to destroy some strategically-placed stationary spheres which are outside the half-pipe.

Another interesting feature is that you collect coins during the game and you can then upgrade your ship, like for example to help you with accuracy, speed of firing spheres, magnetic effect for pickups to make it easiers to not miss any pickup that is thrown at you, etc.

It boasts 111 levels (or devices that you have to stop) and there is this theme of travelling around the world, each level is a destination.

There is also a bonus level every 5 levels or so. This is somehow reminded me of the class Asteroids game. The only similarity actually is that you have some big spheres that move and wrap around the screen. When you shoot them, these divide until they release some coins and you have to pick them up. You have to avoid the mines which would explode and make you loose the possible coins in the bonus level.

Another interesting feature is that for some levels the ship slides over a curve rather than just horizontally. These levels give you a bit of harder challenge to aim the firing of spheres.

There is also an element of physics where sometimes there will be objects that bounce the spheres you fire at them and will remind you of some pinball game.

Some other points:
- 111 levels
- addictive gameplay
- nice visuals and presentation
- 28megs download only
- catchy music

Download Atlantis - Sky Patrol

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