Monday, August 14, 2006

Flatout 2 - a very good stress reliever

It was a very busy stressful week, but I got to play a very good stress relieving game this weekend. It's called Flatout2 by Bugbear. It's very similar to the Burnout series which never came out to the PC. But now we have a very decent replacement for our destructive racing needs. The scenes are very destructable (unless you hit a tree). The game mode I like best is destruction derby which reminds of the classic game called Destruction Derby by Reflections who are known for their other classic Shadow of the Beast.

You need to try it out to appreciate the destructive nature of this game :)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Cloud game - relaxing gameplay

If you want to try a relaxing game, then download the Cloud game. You will be in control of a dreaming girl that is able to fly and influence certain clouds. You need to guide this type of cloud near other similar clouds to enlarge the controlling cloud. You can then make any shape you want with the cloud or go near dark clouds to transform the clouds into rain and thunderstorms. It's a pretty relaxing game, and for being a university project, I must say it is very polished.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Narbacular Drop - unpolished portals game

Narbacular Drop is a game which is similar to what Portal's gameplay which will be distributed with HalfLife2 Episode 2. The major difference will be that you don't shoot to create a portal, but aim, click, hold and release.

The game's graphics are not polished, however the gameplay is there. If you want to grab the game, download it here.