Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Stand O' Food review

Another day, another game review. This time it's Stand O'Food, distributed by Big Fish Games. The concept of the game is pretty easy to grasp but will get really hectic when you get into it.

You have a number of customers that come to your restaurant and you have to make the burger they want. And you achieve this by grabbing burger parts in the right order. These burger parts are found in several queues behind the bench, so you may have to think fast from which queue you should take the next burger part. You may also use your immagination to add some sauces, etc to get some more points from the customers. Don't let them wait much though because you will get less money or they can even get out of your restaurant.

After each level you are offerred to upgrade the restaurant. For example you can buy sauces that you can put on their burgers. There are some sandwich recipes that are given in the tutorial (i.e. if you leave the tutorial text turned on). You can also buy extra plates where you can temporarily deposit burger parts until you really need them. Or you could upgrade your jukebox so that if some customers are getting pissed off at your slowness, you can play the jukebox to calm them down a bit.

During the game there are some pickups. Well not really pickups, but surprise bonuses which are given when you server a customer. E.g. there is this picker which will help you jump to the burger part that you really want to make the burger your customers want. You simply point and click on the part you want and jump the queue. Pretty useful when you have lots of customers waiting getting angry :)

The game also has an element of a map but it's not really interactive. You don't get to choose where to go. It's like a progress indicator.

I must say that at first I didn't like the game much. It felt like it wasn't gonna give me the fun factor I was looking for but I was wrong. Maybe the isometic/Lego kinda graphics put me off at first, but it really gives that toyish look which blends well with the rest of the game. Get your fingers clicking and give this game a try :)

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