Saturday, March 24, 2007

Plasma Pong review

Plasma Pong is simply awesome. I didn't think that someone could make such a cool version of Pong. Put fluid based simulation field in a Pong game and it creates a hell of a ride.

Every time you win the CPU, the speed is bumped up and the music BPM too. The music is a powerful track by E.S. Posthumus - Pompeii - and it really gives you an adrenaline shot as it gets faster and faster. Simply amazing. You have to try this out :)

Besides the usual pong controls, i.e. move your mouse to hit the ball and not let it pass, you can inject fluid in the field. It's like your blowing in the field simulation and creating currents to move the ball. You can even grab the ball by creating a vacuum and then exploding. Great effects and gameplay.

I got up to level 31 yaaaay. Lets see who will beat me.

Here's a movie on youtube to see it in action.