Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Virtual Villagers: Lost Children review

Ok, I'm not a fan of life simulations, you know the kinds of Sim City, the Sims, etc yachhh. But I said let me try Virtual Villagers - The Lost Children out what the heck. And I confirm that I still don't like this genre. I know most of you out there like these types of games so be my guest and try it. I'm just gonna rant away.

From what I've seen the game is pretty polished and if you re-start the game the events that occur won't be the same. How do I know? Well... for starters I didn't know that the game was real-time, i.e. while I wasn't playing the game, the game would still know that I have neglected the villagers from food etc. When I relogged in the game after a day, I found 3 people from my village dead so I couldn't do anything. So I had to re-start the game campaign (after I dug a grave for the villagers ofcourse).

The game says there are puzzles during the game but I really didn't have the time to invest on such a game to get to the puzzles. I'd rather play a 5min game to take a break and that's it, rather than having to check out the villagers to see how they're doing. I've got more important commitments in my real life than checking how the virtual villagers are doing.

Although the default setting for the game is real-time you can set it half-speed(who would do this?) or double speed but it may still be really slow still. They should have had another setting x100 speed :). To build a hut it took the little guy ages. After 10min it was still at 1 percent. Argh!! It's a game! Why should it take so long to build something?

Also the start of the game is really slow to my liking. In order to do anything you have to research it. So you grab people and stick them near the research bench. At first they wouldn't want to, but apparently with some persistance they get good at it.

Also those random events that took away all your food pissed me off. It would tell you that some savage boy has come to your village. You tell the game to chase him off? And he would still steal the food. Huh?? So I just gave up on this game.

If you don't have a lot of patience and don't like life simulation games, don't try this out. Otherwise be my guest and download it. It still is a polished game if you like this game genre ... tribal music, tropical graphics, cartoony look and feel. But the game is just not my type :)

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