Saturday, March 17, 2007

Turtle Odyssey 2 review

This time I've tried out Turtle Odyssey 2 from BigFishGames which is a pretty decent platform game for the buck.

From the name I thought it would be a rather slow game... you know... Turtle Odyssey :). However it is not the case. It is a Super Mario Bros. kinda clone where you jump on all sorts of sea creatures to kill them and pick up coins. It is a relaxing game and more oriented to a young audience however it is still fun to play and take a break.

The game is story oriented where you need to go through a number of levels where then you have to kill some big boss which will guide you to the next part of the story.

In each level you have to find 5 jewels and go through the exit door. You will also find other goodies like starfish, treasure chests, etc. At the end of level, if you have picked up a star fish, you will have a go at the spinning wheel where you can get more points, health or a bonus level. Also try to pick up all the coins, kill all the enemies and try to find all the secret places - they are not so hard to find and they are full of coins and treasures to pick up :)

The bonus level is basically a coins-fest where you have to pick up all the coins within a minute. You have to be fast and don't waste time!! The more coins you pick, the closer you are to get an extra life.

Later in the game you will also be using a sea-horse which runs faster and also jumps higher. Even further down the game you will have the ability to do a double jump but I'll leave the rest for you to discover.

Some other features
- tried and tested gameplay (a platformer is always a platformer)
- very easy to pick up and play
- relaxing music
- relaxing animated backgrounds

Download Turtle Odyssey 2

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