Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Boom Voyage review

I got to play another Breakout clone from Big Fish Games, this time Boom Voyage. This game is a 3d version of the classic breakout where now you also have height added to the whole story. When you destroy a block, the other blocks on top of it will fall down. It has some physics simulation in the game, and so you can cause a bit of a cool scenario where you see a chain reaction of blocks falling and toppling over other structures.

Each level is basically a temple and you guessed it, you have to destroy all the blocks that make up the temple by bouncing the ball around with your paddle. It has some cool powerups but nothing special. I like the nuke though. They have another cool pickup which is automatically spawned when you have the last small bits lying around in the level. It's called Alien Attack and when you pick it up they will clear for you the final pieces to save you some precious time and get on with destroying the next temple :D

Also each set of levels has a theme, e.g. it starts with Egypt, then it continues on what appeared to be in the Roman era, etc.

The game is a bit slow for my tastes so to give myself a challenge I ended up eating the negative powerups too, like speeding up the ball and making the paddle smaller.

The graphics are not so sharp, even the text is a bit blocky. This could be coming from the textures being a bit too small, but maybe its because they wanted to limit the game to a 10meg download. Nevertheless, the breakout gameplay is there.

If you're a Breakout freak, I'd suggest to try it out. The physics give the game a nice touch.

Download Boom Voyage

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