Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Chicken Invaders 3 review

I thought that Chicken Invaders 3 was gonna be a boring game. How could you make a game about chickens in space? But I was surprised. The touch of humour and very polished graphics makes this game outstanding.

The controls are really easy to grasp. You control a ship's movement with the mouse. Left click fires bullets but be careful not to overpress it coz there is a heat gauge which temporarily makes the firing out of order until it cools down. This heat gauge is an important element not to make the game dead easy. Right click is for firing missiles which basically blows up everything on screen. You only will have a few of these and you earn them with the points you collect.

There is an element of a story. It's about some device made by chickens which seems like it's dangerous to mankind. I'm not going to spoil to story though. Download it and enjoy the game ;)

Each stage consists of 10 levels. Sometimes it reminded me of Space Invaders and sometimes of shoot'em ups like Xenon 2. It has powerups which can make your firepower really devastating. My favourite is the lightning bolt *grin*. Some levels have a safe area which is highlighted so you can stay in it and not get hit. Also sometimes it highlights a danger area which you should avoid. This really spoils a bit the fun from finding yourself the safe zones in the "difficult" levels.

At the end of each stage you have a boss which needs to a take a lot more damage than the small chickens.

The game also boasts some nice subtle effects and transitions. E.g. after killing the boss you will be warped to the next stage. Nice :)

It also has a map view to give you an indication of the progress of the game.

The simple but effective story telling, polished graphics, orchestrated music, starwars kinda intro, humour, and polished gameplay makes this game worth trying. Give it a try.

Download Chicken Invaders 3

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